The value Megan provides is one of marketing thought leadership, results-oriented thinking and deliverables that help us achieve our goals. Working with Megan is always a pleasure and she always makes our jobs easier.
— Megan Effertz, President, Agency 128

Megan is beyond amazing. I’ve known Megan for over 7 years and worked with her in several capacities as a talent and client. Megan’s knowledge and work has always exceeded our expectations. She’s professional, fun, a positive influence and her energy is infectious. Our business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without her! I highly recommend her!
— Stacey Stratton, Founder & President, True Talent Group

It was a pleasure working with Megan and The Communication Boutique. Their understanding of press relations, industry-specific marketing strategy and an inspired roll-out timeline was exactly what we needed to take our event to the next level. We were thoroughly impressed with the media results they achieved for Silhouette, and we will absolutely work with them in the future. Currently in talks about working together on another major venture.
— Lindsey Higgins, Founder, Silhouette

I have worked with Megan Fraboni for many years through multiple organizations. She continues to be a go-to resource and trusted advisor to drive critical communications strategies that meet and exceed business goals. I truly appreciate Megan’s flexibility, positive attitude and energy in the face of any challenge. She has consistently added value to my team and the marketing organizations I’ve led.
— Sarah Townes, VP of Marketing, Mall of America